Top 4 Killer Mistakes Small Businesses Make While Designing Their E-commerce Websites

When you decide to move your business to a virtual platform, your web designing plays a pivotal role. Your e-commerce website design can woo or bar potential customers. The designing ranges from the ease to navigate colors and contrast to the quality of content uploaded. Messing up with any of these aspects can lead to collapsing of your online venture.

With this information, having relevant knowledge on the most common mistakes small businesses make is the secret to avoiding them. Importantly, as a small business owner or an upcoming entrepreneur having an outstanding online store is essential as it is an engine for your business growth. As such, you need to be conscious when designing your e-commerce website. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

a)    Uploading disorganized and poor quality content

Many small business owners underestimate the power of content when designing their sites. They upload content that is disorganized and hard to follow. Also, the content is full of grammatical errors and jargons. As such, potential customers find it irrelevant to them. When designing and preparing your website for e-commerce purpose, you should always ensure it is easy to read and follow.

Remember, potential customers, look for helpful information before making a purchase decision. However, they do not have a whole day to go through the content. Hence, when uploading your content ensure that your customers can quickly scan it and obtain quality information. Also, you should ensure that it is well organized to enhance readability.

b)    Failing to give priority on navigation

In e-commerce business, the experience that your customer undergoes while visiting your website is vital. Poor experience is the best strategy to losing sales and making consequential losses. When it comes to enhancing customer experience, navigation is central. In essence, enabling your visitors to navigate your website naturally and effortlessly is the key to earning high conversions.

However, a significant number of small business entrepreneurs neglect this aspect. In the end, visitors find it hard to access valuable information quickly. Hence, they leave your website with frustration. In turn, bouncing rates go up meaning your conversions will decrease. Naturally, if you are aiming at enhancing your conversations and sales, you need to give priority to your page navigation.

c)    Ignoring color and contrast

Color and contrast are critical components in e-commerce web designing. However, many small business entrepreneurs overlook this aspect. They use dull or bright colors that are less appealing or affect people with vision problems.

For instance, they use inferior contrast that does not match with their background colors. This makes it hard for visitors to read the content uploaded on their website. In this regard, when designing an e-commerce website, you must ensure there is an equitable balance of color and contrast. Importantly, you should use tools that will help you enhance your site color and contrast.

d)    Not having a clear call to action

The central goal of an e-commerce website is to generate revenue through convincing potential customers that what you are offering is the best. The endpoint of all content you upload is making a sale. However, you must close the deal with a call to action. Despite this, most small business owners fail to put a clear call to action statement in the online pages.

So, even though the customers find their information as helpful, they do not make any sale. As such, if you want to enhance your conversion rates, you should ensure that your product pages have clear calls to action.

  Final thoughts

With this information, you now know which mistakes to avoid when designing an e-commerce website. It’s your opportunity to enhance your site and make it your goldmine or revenue stream.


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