Interested in building an online store? Check out the 10 best and most popular ecommerce platforms to create your own digital store!

Today, the simplest way to launch a startup is to build an online store. But, even though the process of building a digital store seem easy, with the number of options and solutions available, it is pretty difficult to pick the best.

In this article, we are going to present you the best and most popular ecommerce platforms for every business to achieve success online:

    1. Shopify – Faster loading speed, easy setup, secure payment gateway, and customizable themes for your landing page. This ecommerce platform also supports auto-generated XTML sitemap, and Meta tags.

  1. Magento – Another popular platform which is among the fastest growing platforms with cutting-edge solutions for every business owner who wants to make it big on the web.
  2. Zen Cart – Secure, flexible, modern, and improved payment gateways are some of the features associated with this ecommerce platform.
  3. PrestShop – This ecommerce solution is among the most popular names in the industry with several businesses opting it for its modern ecommerce shopping cart options and functionalities.
  4. WooCommerce – This is a free WordPress plugin which you can use to build a WordPress theme. It is really easy to install and it is fully customizable with payment gateway features and shopping cart.
  5. OpenCart – Perfectly designed, simple, modern, and has an unlimited selection of categories and products, product reviews sections, product ratings, and language features.
  6. Symphony Commerce – Even though this ecommerce platform is not considered as a solution for start-ups, it focuses on businesses that have already built a name in the ecommerce industry.
  7. BigCommerce – This platform is pretty similar to Shopify, with more built-in features and unlimited storage and bandwidth. There are also features such as reviews & ratings, gift cards, and marketing tools that can help you give your store a unique look and feel.
  8. Drupal Commerce A very popular open-source ecommerce platform based on Drupal, with the option to build modern and powerful online stores with simple installation and impeccable support.
  9. osCommerce This platform offers more than 7000 free add-ons and has the support of 280.000 web developers.

These are some of the best ecommerce solutions you need to integrate with to obtain flexible options suitable to your needs. You can pick one, and start building your online store!