Magento is everything that an online business owner and ecommerce marketer would want! Read and discover why Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms!

The Ecommerce world is getting bigger and bigger every day and Magento makes the ecommerce platforms run flawlessly while promoting top-class user-friendly features and tools. Magento is everything that an online business owner and ecommerce marketer would want to have on the ecommerce shopping platforms – offer simple payment gateways, exhibit product lines, manage all back-end operations quickly and effectively, and deliver 24/7 customer service.

If you were looking for a reliable and yet simple content management system, look no further as Magento is all you need. Almost 50% of the most popular brands are using the Magento Platform and here are a few reasons why Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms:

  • Easy to download and install Magento is really easy to download and install. As a matter of fact, you can do all of this by yourself. All versions can be found on Magento Connect – the biggest ecommerce app store. Once you will download and install the platform, you can take advantage of the free upgrades and plug-ins.
  • Open source Magento is an open source platform and has a community that upgrades it to newest features and tools. As one of the best and most active ecommerce platforms, Magento enjoys the benefit of a reliable open-source platform with minimum errors. There are two packages you can use: Magento Enterprise and Magento Go.
  • Superior integration and 24/7 support With real-time network support and scalable solution, the ecommerce compatibility of Magento allow effective integration and compelling marketing features. The updates are automatic and if you need any assistance, you can count on the 24/7 admin support.
  • Exclusive package of ecommerce features Magento offers all the tools and features you need to run an ecommerce website efficiently and effectively. The features included are interactive user dashboards, logistics and shipping strategies, robust real-time inventory management, integrated cloud-based CRM and ERP platforms, email, SMS, and visual marketing, mobility capabilities with automated marketing, and etc.
  • SEO-friendly Magento comes with impressive SEO-friendly features and it is the most updated ecommerce platform. The optimised pages assure higher page ranking and good traffic.

In a conclusion, we are going to say that Magento is without a doubt a one-stop solution for every business.